let's get to know each other

Let's do it like this!

Your wedding day is unique. And that's why you deserve a photography that is lively, 'moody' and includes your emotions. But also a photography that inspires, makes you laugh and is still remembered years later.

Hi, am Lukas and your photographer.
I will photograph your wedding with my Leica camera and the latest Sony system. I also take analog photos and love Polaroid photos.

During our phone call, I'll ask you for your hobbies. Here are mine:

Besides photography, I love to go surfing, climbing and hiking in the nature. I also enjoy spending an evening with my friends, long cooking-sessions and yep, I am also a coffee-addicted ;-)

We get to know each other in a short phone call or video-call. I believe that sympathy is essential for a good work. If it shouldn't match in rare cases - no worries - I have a network of other wedding-photographers and I will recommend you to one, that fits better :)

Sharing some music

Rock'n'Roll and Wedding Music?

Since I am young, I play guitar and the drums. That's why I am still into Rock'n'Roll. By getting older, new genres were added: Jazz, Soundtracks and Indie.
And because of Berlin: Techno, Minimal and Electro! Here I share my 'moody' wedding playlist on Spotify: to get into romantic-mood, for slideshows or just to enjoy in the evening.

Spotify Wedding Playlist

Insight of my Freelance portfolio

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